About David

Welcome home mates!


Hi, I am David Aneja, a travel blogger from INDIA and a founder of this website.

My motive for coming here is to help and advise my fellow travelers in the best way possible. This journey is not only mine but for those who genuinely wants to travel and really serious about it. By the way, have you ever asked these questions from yourself:

  • how can I travel the world in my budget?
  • what if I don’t have sufficient bank balance
  • from where I should start my journey
  • how do I take time for travel and plan my trip

I ask these questions from myself all the time and now I am on my journey by making the first step which will help not just me but you also

I am going to share all my travel experiences, mistakes, advice, and some motivation to travel for those who don’t dare to come out.

So I hope we will together go far and who so ever is reading this may find his/her journey very soon

Wishing luck to all!

What you’ll find here

On this website, you’ll find:

  • Roadtrip Tips and budget Accommodation information
  • Travel blogging tips for beginners
  • A community of travelers who encourage you to travel
  • List of sites where you can book your travel and find valuable travel resources at affordable prices.
  • Interviews with other travel experts and backpackers.